My new sugar bowl

I never would have thought I could get so excited about a simple sugar bowl. Yet here I am.

This sugar bowl is all caps AWESOME.


Her dress is the bowl. You lift the lid by grabbing onto her bonnet. AWESOME, huh?😀

Unfortunately she has a couple of small chips. But I just couldn’t leave her. That’s true love.

And I can’t help but wonder…. is she a part of a set?? Some research may be in order…

Here she is on the kitchen counter.


In related news, I’ve been making early attempts at decluttering the kitchen counter lately. It was beginning to get out of control (difficult to imagine for anyone who has read this blog, I’m sure). I’ll blog about it sooner or later lol

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  1. Julie and I have the nut bowl behind her, sans squirrel. It was J’s mom’s.

    • Nice! I love my nut bowl, even though we don’t eat nuts very often. I got him at Salvation Army for a couple bucks.:)

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